7 Things to Know Before Getting Your Saltwater Fishing License

Saltwater Fishing LicenseSaltwater fishing license and equipment

Remember when fishing for recreational purposes was a weekend trip to the beach? You simply hauled your boat to the coast or rented one on the spot, and started your saltwater fishing adventure with no previous planning? Those were the days that have long since past in most states and countries throughout the world. Primarily because of heightened licensing and regulations. People use to take their rods and reels, their hard baits, a hat, some snacks, sunscreen and all their enthusiasm and simply went right after catching the best redfish or Bluefin tuna.

Fishing that way, with no regulations was fun but lead to a lot of environmental abuse which spurred the legal requirement for fishermen to apply for a saltwater fishing license.

What is a saltwater fishing License?

The saltwater fishing license is a legal document issued by the government of each state. This license permits the angler, foreign tourist and the civilian to fish for sport and recreational purposes under the territorial open saltwater seas jurisdiction of each state.

A saltwater fishing license is not the same as a freshwater license. This means if you have a saltwater license or permission, this does not give permission to someone to catch fish in freshwater lakes and streams, and vice versa.

What is its purpose?

The purpose is to regulate which types of fish are allowed to catch on each season of the year. It helps inform coastguards how many people are on the sea during the day for security purposes like: preventing boats calamities, attacks from illegal anglers, stop illegal fishing for commercial purposes.

Why is it useful?

When you get your saltwater fishing license you are contributing to state conservation programs including fisheries management, habitat protection and fishing education. This is a convenient measure to protect, preserve and enhance the sport of fishing for everyone right now and for future generations.

Does everyone needs a saltwater fishing license?

It depends on each state regulation, but normally, people under the age of 16 can fish without any legal documentation. The recommendation is to search the state regulation for these licenses to understand what to do, because states differ their regulations depending on what they think are the best practices to
control and preserve this sport.

Where to buy a saltwater fishing license?

Almost every state has an online system to let people to buy these licenses. If not, there are authorized
fishing shops where you could go and buy them. The last option is to buy in selected state government
buildings. Almost all licenses are valid for a year. Do not worry though, it is easy to buy your license and
get started with your saltwater fishing adventure.

Major states issuing saltwater fishing licenses

The best way to understand where are you going to take your next saltwater fishing trip is to know the state regulations on how to get the a license. From there you’ll more clearly understand what is permitted and what is not. The list of each major state is below:

Additional tips for your Saltwater Fishing adventure

We recommend you to use proper clothes, use the appropriate hard baits or soft baits for saltwater fish, use proper rods & reels, accurate fish finder tools and electronics, the best motors for saltwater fishing and accessories like fishing tackle storage bags.

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