Solo Stove ‘s Top 5 Smokeless & Portable Fire Pits

Solo Stove's Top 5 Smokeless & Portable Fire Pits

Is there anything in life more rewarding than spending an afternoon on the waters, landing the perfect catch?

There is. Cooking the perfect catch. For many of us, saltwater fishing is a solo getaway. That doesn’t mean a party of two (or in some cases, twenty) can’t enjoy an afternoon outdoors idling away the time while waiting to reel ‘em in. But deep down, we know that fishing is a one-person venture at heart. And so is cooking. Portable fire pits are an inexpensive and convenient way to take the kitchen along with you on your next fishing adventure.

Not just convenient, but environmentally friendly. Smokeless fire pits can eliminate the risk of fire, combustion and irritating particles of ash that can make up almost 10 percent of air pollution.

But it’s not just convenience and risk you’re going to be concerned about. It’s taste. You’d be surprised just how well a smokeless and portable fire pit can cook your prized catch. Sometimes even better than a traditional wood fire pit.

Solo Stove has made a name for themselves over the past ten years as one of the most simple and effective solo outdoor stoves in the world. For saltwater anglers looking for top of the line cooking accessories, they’re nothing short of ideal. And it shows in both their design and our customer feedback. We’re not saying this because they’re an easily recognizable name. We’re saying this because they’re one of the most innovative brands in the outdoors world. And if you’re looking to taste the lake and not the ash, their line of smokeless and portable fire pits are your best place to start. Here’s our top five.

The Top Five Smokeless Portable Fire Pits From Solo Stove

1. Solo Stove Ranger Fire Pit 

What makes the Ranger model one of the biggest sellers from Solo Stove? Its size. Not all of us have room enough to support a full scale portable fire pit. At 15 inches with stand and weighing only 15 pounds, the Ranger’s compact size makes it perfect for urban dwellers looking for an outdoor escape—even at home in their own backyard. Its lightweight, stainless steel design provides one of the safest and clean burning fire pits we’ve seen; which may be why the Ranger is one of our most popular sellers.

2. Solo Stove Bonfire Plus Stand

One of the reasons why Solo Stove is one of the most popular portable fire pits is their simplicity. And the Bonfire model is the perfect example. Everything about the Bonfire is minimalist, from its design to its capabilities. Minimalist—but powerful. The key to the Bonfire design is that it’s fueled by wood,but uses air intake holes to pull air in, allowing for optimum airflow efficiency while reducing ash and smoke. With double wall construction for safety, the result is a long lasting flame that’s as efficient as it is beautiful.

3. Solo Stove Yukon Fire Pit

Sometimes, bigger is better when it comes to fire pits. And the Yukon from Solo Stove is precisely why. Weighing at 45 pounds and standing at 26 inches, the Yukon takes the innovative design of Solo Stove to the next level. Even though it was designed for outdoor gatherings, it’s portable enough to take along on your next fishing adventure. Be warned, however; the Yukon can get extremely hot, so allow yourself at least four to six inches of distance when in use.

4. Solo Stove Bonfire Ultimate Bundle

A big dilemma when it comes to purchasing a fire pit is having to purchase accessories separately. At Saltwater Fishing HQ, we’ve got you covered with the Ultimate Bundle for Solo Stove’s most popular brand—the Bonfire! It comes complete with the fire pit and stand, a spark screen, a weatherproof cover, tongs, roasting sticks and all the tools you need to get started on your fire pit experience.

5. Solo Stove Ranger Ultimate Bundle

Just like the Bonfire Ultimate Bundle, even urban dwellers and outdoor minimalists still need accessories. And just like the Bonfire Ultimate Bundle, the Ranger Ultimate Bundle comes complete with a fire pit and stand, a spark screen, a weatherproof cover, tongs roasting sticks and all the tools you’ll ever need to make your next outdoor night an epic night!

FAQs About Solo Stove Fire Pits

  • What’s a good starter model for Solo Stove?

While we’d love to say the Ranger, the Bonfire remains the single most popular model we carry.

  • Is the Solo Stove safe?

So long as you don’t touch it and use common sense, it’s actually safer than fire pits which are dug in the ground.

  • How do I clean my Solo Stove?

Simply by letting it cool down and turning it over in a safe, neutral area. A damp sponge is pretty much all you need to safely clean a Solo Stove.

  • What types of wood burn best in a Solo Stove?

Any firewood will suffice, but hard,, dry woods like hickory, maple and birch tend to last much longer than softer woods.

At Saltwater Fishing HQ, we don’t just have all the tools you’ll need for your next outdoor adventure. We have the knowledge and experience too. Visit us today at Saltwater Fishing HQ.

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