Review of Top 10 Water Resistant Hoodies for Men & Women With Half Zippers

Whether your camping, fishing, or doing another outdoor activity, wearing the right jacket is essential. You especially want one that is waterproof and can block harsh weather conditions like cold, wind, and rain. These 10 water resistant hoodies are the best for doing just that.

Waterproof hoodies

A man in a waterproof hoodie while enjoying being outside in nature

A waterproof hoodie is your first line of defense when it comes to harsh weather conditions. It can be so helpful to have a layer to repel water and keep you warm. Bad weather can ruin an outdoor  experience, but with a bad weather proof hoodie you can still enjoy being outside in nature.

Hoodies are great because you can add other layers under or over them (and the pull over hoodies in this list make it nice and easy to slip layers on and off.) Choosing the right hoodie is absolutely essential to staying warm and dry.

Here is a list of the top ten water proof hoodies for men and women with 1/2 zippers.

Top ten water proof hoodies

1.Gator Waders Water Proof 1/2 Zip Bog Hoodie Lime- Mens

A man doing an extreme activity outside

This hoodie does a fantastic job at keeping you warm and dry, even through the harshest of weather conditions. It keeps mud, cold air, and water out, and has insulated padding. It also has a hand warmer front pocket to keep any essentials in for all your outdoor needs. This waterproof hoodie comes in sizes small to XXXL.

2. Gator Waders Water Proof 1/2 Zip Bog Hoodie Camo- Mens

This hoodie is just like the first option, but comes in camouflage. Also ranging in sizes from small to XXXL, this hoodie is lined with coral fleece, made to be frictionless on and off, and comes with an adjustable hood for greater vision. It will keep you warm and dry and is very comfortable.  You can’t go wrong with this hoodie.

3. Gator Waders Water Proof 1/2 Zip Bog Hoodie Red- Mens

This red waterproof hoodie is very comfortable, keeps you dry, and is perfect for any outdoor activities even in extreme weather conditions. It blocks the wind and keeps you dry and warm without being too hot you can’t stand it. It is an essential to all your fishing, hunting, camping, and other outdoor pursuits. Size ranges from small to XXL.

4. Gator Waders Water Proof 1/2 Zip Bog Hoodie Black- Mens

A man having a photograph beside his car

This hoodie was specifically designed to withstand cold, wind, mud, wet, and more. The high quality pull over hoodie not only gets the job done by blocking out harsh weather conditions, but feels comfortable while it does. With a front pocket, insulated arm padding, and adjustable cuffs this durable sip hoodie is a necessity for anything outdoors.

5. Gator Waders Water Proof 1/2 Zip Bog Hoodie Pink-Womens

This lightweight durable hoodie is similar to the other Gator Wader 1/2 zip pull overs, but is in a women’s cut. This highly reviewed and loved hoodie is perfect for any hash weather occasion. It can withstand wind, rain, and more making it a staple for any outdoor activity. Available in sizes small to XL.

6. Gator Waders Water Proof 1/2 Zip Bog Hoodie Burst- Womens

This Gator Waders water proof hoodie is colorful and fun, as well as being comfortable and warm. When it comes to repelling water and blocking wind this hoodie is top notch. With a hand warming pocket, adjustable cuffs, and lining and padding to keep you warm, this hoodie will keep you dry in any weather condition.

7. Gator Waders Water Proof 1/2 Zip Bog Hoodie Leopard- Women’s

This is another great women’s cut Gator Wader water proof and wind blocking 1/2 zip hoodie.  It is camouflage, fairly lightweight, and essential to any outdoor activities that you want to stay warm and cozy in. It is available in small- XL sizes. It has many features that help you stay dry, like an adjustable hood, cuffs, arm padding, coral fleece lining, and more.

8. Charles River Apparel Pack N Go Wind & Water Resistant Pullover

Women in a Charles River Apparel Pack N Go Wind & Water Resistant Pullover

This lightweight wind breaker and water resistant pull over easily packs in to its front pocket, zipping up and allowing for a perfect pack and go jacket. It is a relaxed fit, comes in 17 different colors, and is a wonderful addition to the wardrobe for transitional weather. It is water resistant and helps block the wind.

9. Carhartt Men’s Mid-weight Hooded Sweatshirt

This heavy duty sweatshirt is nice and thick, helping you stay warm and dry in any weather condition. With a water resistant finish, and extra lining on the inside for added protection this sweatshirt blocks out wind and water. It is machine washable, half zip with a drawstring hood, and has a kangaroo style pocket on the front to keep any belongings and keep your hands warm.

10. Carhartt Men’s Rain Defender Paxton Heavyweight Hooded Sweatshirt (Big and Tall)

This Big and Tall Hooded sweatshirt is 100% cotton, heavy, and perfect for fall and winter, or other colder weather times. It helps block out the wind and rain, is machine washable, and perfect for taller sizes. It comes with a kangaroo pocket, adjustable hood, and half zipper.

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